What Hielo Gel is used for

One technology, infinite applications.

Hielo Gel equals an authentic revolution in refrigeration processes: its superior properties compared to solid ice, its easy storage, combined with smooth handling and transportability allow for this technology to be used for numerous aims:


Directly, through immersion in Hielo Gel. Commonly used with plant, animal and finished products or pastry dough.
Indirectly, by means of a water/water or air/water exchanger, which is especially suitable to air-condition premises, in freezing cabinets or air conditioners, after substituting the current refrigeration equipment.


A simple adjustment in the components of Hielo Gel allows to reach low temperatures very rapidly. In addition, opposed to ice packs or flake ice, Hielo Gel’s characteristics allow for a complete freezing of the immersed product thus avoiding empty spaces or gaps which might alter its colour or texture.

Future applications.

Hielo Gel is not only an effective alternative to the methods in use. Its revolutionary concept and properties open the door to a use in emerging technologies, such as the cryconcentration of liquids, a field with extraordinary outlooks, which will become a reality in a foreseeable future.