Ice of the latest generation.

Discover why we are standing in the face of a revolution in the world of refrigeration.

The refrigeration and freezing of all kinds of products has become a key factor in many industrial branches. These processes are challenges to which ice in its solid form has not been able to provide an ideal response.

Hielo Gel is a technology that provides a solution to current needs and an alternative to achieve this aim in the most innovative, efficient and effective manner compared to traditional refrigeration methods.

Hielo Gel is a two-phase solution consisting of two elements: a powder of solid ice microcrystals, and a liquid component

The ice micro particles multiply the refrigeration capacity of Hielo Gel in comparison with traditional cooling systems.

The liquid component is a simple mixture of water and alcohol or salt, which can be adjusted to modify the properties of Hielo Gel. This way, by adjusting the mixing ratio, lower final temperatures of the product and its freezing are achieved. For mere refrigeration, however, a mixture of 3% is sufficient.